Pet Post 7: Japanese Tree Frogs!

These fine little fellows are ama-gaeru, or Japanese Tree Frogs. They’re very pingy – they can jump a long way – so I didn’t attempt to get them all into one photo. Instead, we’ll see them in their rather lovely little house.

This fine specimen of a froggie is called Desperate Dan, for reasons he’s helpfully demonstrating right here. He loves to puff up his chin and make a lot of noise, especially after eating. Fortunately, he doesn’t do it that often.

This little cutie is our oldest frog, named Fef after a popular Japanese talent with a speech impediment. He lived alone for a long while until he got these three new friends, but he still likes his private time. Unlike the others, herped from the wild, Fef was store-bought.

Our lady of the group is named to fit in with Dan – she’s called Minnie the Minx. Fittingly, she’s pretty feisty – if she’s going for a cricket and Dan gets there first, she gets angry and chases him off.


Finally, we have our lone wolf, Pegleg Pete. We found him with one foot missing, but that hasn’t stopped him being able to live happily and eat well. Despite this pose, he’s usually tucked up in a corner keeping himself to himself.

Bonus pic, Fef’s baby photo from a year ago. Actually, he hasn’t changed much!

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