Pet Post 6 – fire-bellied newts!

Only a couple of pics today, because much as I love ’em, these guys don’t really photograph so well.

These are Taro and Tyrone, the Japanese fire belly newts. They’re actually very cute, with red bellies, funny inquisitive attitudes and faces that look like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. Indeed, it’s a real shame Pixar never made their Newt movie!

Taro is pretty special to me because he’s actually the first pet I ever had. Well, strictly speaking, when I was about 6 my grandparents in Taiwan bought a live fish to eat, and my brother and I were so horrified by the idea we made them change to keeping it as a pet. It lasted about a day in a bowl in the bathroom before jumping out and dying while we were off sightseeing. After that, I never had another pet until September 2015, when I bought my very first real pet. That was Taro, and Tyrone joined him soon after. They’ve lived happily ever since – my longest-lasting pets! This pic is from back then, in 2015.

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