Drumming is my passion, alongside writing. I've been playing for over 15 years and feel very uncomfortable if I go for a week without getting behind the kit. I've been in a variety of very interesting bands, but right now I'm in three:

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift are a Prog Rock band in the UK signed to Bad Elephant Music. After a very protracted recording period, we managed to complete an album I'm very proud of, released in 2016.

Here's the album trailer:

  a1175452205_13 Praise for Becoming Aware:

"Paradigm Shift comes across as highly sophisticated, skillfully adept, and wildly experienced on their debut album, certainly on par with many of their contemporaries who have numerous albums under their belts" - Prog PlanetZap Niles 

"It is refreshing to see a new, younger band on the progressive rock scene, willing to inject a political but not overwhelming edge to their songs on this very promising debut album from the London based band" - Progradar

"There's a great swagger and confidence to Becoming Aware. As debut albums go, this is impressive, thoughtful and always engaging ... definitely a band to watch out for" - Background Magazine

"Paradigm Shift avoid the cliches ... 'Becoming Aware' is a hugely melodic record that represents a modern and forward-looking approach to progressive rock rather than a homage to decades past" - Trebuchet MagazineWhere Worlds Collide

"The band has an obvious virtuosity, that adds, rather than detracts from the songs [...] A very promising debut.' - Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"The album flows organically, each track leading into the other, and it shows a lot of care and thought has been put into the programming and running order, which is wonderful to hear ... This is an assured and confident début from another strong young prog band with plenty to say, and believe me it’s well worth you listening." - Progarchy

"Modern prog, with a seventies classic rock vibe, some wonderful musicianship and well written songs that have something to say" - Sounds That Can Be Made

"Rich and varied, yet honestly true to type and prog rock credentials, this sprawls in the right way and captures plenty of ideas along the way" - The Rocktologist

"The album is just magnificent" - Prog Rock Files

"Prog fans will bloody love it ... Reunification constituted a quite beautiful and swift 9-minutes" - The Progressive Aspect

"The drummer, you know he has the chops to play along with these guys [...] I love when a drummer can do this, when he's adding enough flourishes to enhance a song without taking over the song." - Notes Reviews

"Guitarist Reuben Krendel can really rip when given the chance ... if you love piano led prog or pine for Yellow Brick Road era Elton John, Becoming Aware is something you will probably enjoy" - Progressive Music Planet


International praise for Becoming Aware:

"Recommended with great enthusiasm" - Profil (French)

"Progressive metal, fusion and symphonic rock are kneaded together into a tasty overall sound carried by a playful rhythm section" - Progwereld (Dutch)

"Becoming Aware is a highly promising debut from a band that the world needs to pay attention to" - Whiplash.netAlbino Incoerente (Portuguese)

"This heavy symphonic band makes use of lyrical and technical piano-playing throughout, and features a polished and occasionally hard-edged guitar" - The Garden Shed (Japanese)

"An album that will endure because, although influenced by select bands of the past, it looks forward to the future without 'juggling' the two" - More Nowhere (Greek)

"The album contains a number of convincing moments, such as the beautiful instrumental intro to Masquerade ... Reunification makes it clear that a groovy rhythm section alone can be an excellent basis for a good track" - iO Pages (Dutch)

"Impressive character, maturity, mastery and melodic efficiency. A discovery not to be missed" - Cosmos Music (French)




In Program

A hard rock band in Japan that I think could do very well once a nice polished recording is made

Fast Liver

A very silly punk band in Japan that might somehow manage to pull off getting a track on an anime or something!


A grimy, punky recording of a grimy punky song:


Other previous bands have had some measure of success, including one that fell apart while on tour with the Stereophonics, one that had a track featured in the best scene of a bad feature film and one that had its guitarist poached by The Sisters of Mercy.


Watch me mime some drums (in a mask) with popular J-pop band SMAP!

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