Monthly Archive: August 2015

Mini-Vlog: My Second Harajuku Fashion Walk

I waited months for official photos from my first Harajuku Fashion Walk, and somehow lost all the footage I took for it. I made some for my second walk, though. It was a couple of months ago, the 33rd walk, and I doubt I’ll see any more photos now! Anyway, tomorrow is my third Tokyo Fashion Walk, so I thought it was high time I put this video together. The photos of this outfit actually turned out a lot better than I expected them to, but even with them this is only a short vid. Credits for the photos: @leo_punkprince and @nowthisispodracing on Instagram; @ichiiko and @Ruru_chante on Twitter; and Kawaii-Pateen and Kantō on Facebook.

Tokyo Theme Cafés #1: Vampire Café

20150713 01

Group photo from @leo_punkprince on Instagram.

One of the fun things to do in Japan is go to the themed cafés. I’ve been to the Gundam Café and the cutesy cafeteria in Sanrio Puroland, and I’ve had drinks in an awesome hospital-themed bar in Singapore, but this was actually my first-ever non-anime theme café experience. So here’s a highly goofy one-minute vlog about it!