Monthly Archive: January 2015

My brand spanking new website!

Random pic to say helloHere we are then – my first blog entry. Well, my first one here, on my shiny new homepage. I’ve actually been blogging online in various forms for over a decade – but the less said about LiveJournal the better, right? I should to introduce myself. My name is Bryan, and I’m a writer from London, England. I finally feel I can say that with confidence – I’m a writer. Not that I’m a student who writes, or I’m a coding administrator working on a book. You see, on Friday, my agent and I decided my manuscript was good enough and now it’s going out on submission. She’s already pitched to one of the big ones and apparently they’re keen to read my book. I’m not sure I can adequately convey how exciting that is! And while anyone is free to say they’re a writer whenever they like, this is what has really made me feel I’ve made a transition. It’s finally happening! It’s been many years and many thousands of words since I first set out to get published. In that time, I’ve been to no fewer than three graduation ceremonies (BA, MA and MPhil), finished a doctoral thesis (viva next month!) and held a dozen or more jobs to support my studies. I’ve been a PA, a data entry administrator, a logistics officer...even for a short while a professional drummer, which of course was too good to last. And I’ve written half a dozen books. While most of them at least had an agent request a full-length manuscript, sadly things went no further than that. Until this time! After finishing the first draft of my thesis, I wanted a break from the academics – so I wrote a fun, silly book for kids. And that book was the one that seemed to catch the attention of the people I sent it to. It was an incredible feeling when not just one but five agents asked for more! In the end I signed with Fiona Kenshole at Transatlantic Literary Agency, who really seemed to understand exactly the book I wanted to write and was overflowing with good advice on how to improve it. Nothing has been set in stone yet, of course. Nobody has accepted my book, or done any deals. But I’m very optimistic and excited about what the next months will bring. Meanwhile, I’ve decided I want a dramatic change of scenery and lifestyle, so am going to move to Japan at the end of March. I plan to teach English to support myself while finding time to write - and will hopefully have plenty of other adventures too. Realistically, I’m not going to be published for at least a year, so at first things might be slow, but I’ll try to keep the blog updated, and will hopefully make a few vlogs on the way too. If you’re interested in coming along for the ride, please do like my Facebook page or give me a follow on Twitter. I’ll be putting random nonsense on Instagram, too, because after all that’s what Instagram is for, right?